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Newly acquired
I've been wanting to get my hands on this magazine ever since it's first edition. I was so very pleased and surprised the other day when I saw a few copies in our local bookshop. I had thought I'd have to get them to order it in specially for me like they do with the American magazine "Stitch". For an overseas monthly magazine it is quite well priced and full of crafty goodness and inspiration inside. I feel like they put this magazine together just for me and I can't wait for the next issue. Check it out at your local book shop if you haven't already! 

For my Mother's Christmas present this year she has asked me to make her the Blossom bag by Amy Butler so last week we went shopping and I got her to pick out some fabrics. I was very pleased when she choose some Denyse Schmidt prints as this means I get to keep the leftovers! I really enjoyed making my version of this bag and also love using it with all it's handy pockets and dividers.

Sadly our towns little craft shop is closing down which means I won't be able to nip down town to get that perfectly matching shade of thread to go with whatever sewing project I have going on. I shall really miss being able to get basic sewing necessities at a moments notice. On the positive side the owner is having a closing down sale so I stocked up on just a few different shades of thread to keep me going :-) The Molnlycke reels of thread were only $1 a reel! 

These are the fabrics I'm currently working with...for a little giveaway gift soon. What do you think? Do you like their shabby chic prettiness?

Little birdie pincushion
And finally I sewed this cute little birdie yesterday. It's a free pattern found here. I'm not sure whether to let it fly away to a new home as it looks quite happy where it is. Perhaps I'll  make another one...
Is your week going as fast as mine? So many gifts to make and so little time...

Newly acquired {TIME}