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Heritage: Minoan storage jar smashed by falling tourist
A Minoan storage jar on display at the Archaeological Museum of Herakleion managed to survive through the centuries until a tourist shattered it to pieces.

Minoan storage jar smashed by falling tourist
The damaged pithos is seen (centre) in this file photo 
[Credit: Archaeological Museum of Herakleion]

The tourist, aged 60, was walking past the ill-fated pithos when she tripped, grabbing onto the Minoan treasure as she fell.

The museum guards did not know who to attend to first – the priceless artefact or the tourist.

The tourist was rushed to hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.

As for the pithos, archaeologists are now trying to piece it back together… But will it ever be the same?

Source: Greek Ministry of Culture [May 27, 2015]