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Italy: Pompeii limits visitor numbers
Italy's culture ministry and archeological superintendency have set a limit to the amount of visitors permitted to enter ancient site Pompeii at a single time, officials announced on Monday.

Pompeii limits visitor numbers
Tourists in Pompeii [Credit: Apolline Project]

A decision to cap Sunday free entries to no more than 15,000 visitors at a single time was made following a May 3 record of 35,000 visitors after reviewing UNESCO inspectors' analysis.

According to experts, high numbers of visitors cause increased moisture and micro-climate alterations which put Pompeii's priceless frescoes at risk.

The ministry and superintendency will present their reorganization plans at a press conference on Tuesday.

Source: ANSA [May 11, 2015]


Italy: Pompeii limits visitor numbers {TIME}