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Near East: Ancient mosaics damaged during restoration in Turkey
At least 10 mosaics, held in the world’s second largest mosaic museum in Turkey’s southern city of Antakya, were seriously damaged during restoration, a local newspaper has reported.

Ancient mosaics damaged during restoration in Turkey
The scandal erupted after local mosaic craftsman Mehmet Daşkapan brought the issue to the attention of a local newspaper in Antakya.

“Valuable pieces from the Roman period have been ruined. They have become caricatures of their former selves. Some are in an especially poor condition and have lost their originality and value,” Daşkapan said.

Among the damaged mosaics are world-famous panels including a mosaic depicting the sacrifice of Isaac and a mosaic of Narcissus, he added.

“The panel that I saw could not have been the original mosaic from the 2nd century A.D. Some of its stones are missing, while others have been misplaced, creating a discordant look,” Daşkapan stated.

Ancient mosaics damaged during restoration in Turkey
Mustafa Bozdemir, the deputy director of the Culture Ministry’s Heritage and Museums department, has issued a written statement, saying an investigation commission has been formed to look into the allegations.

The commission’s initial evaluations have led to the suspension of all restoration work.

“Necessary information will be provided once the commission completes its investigation,” Bozdemir stated.

Daşkapan also underlined the urgency of suspending restoration work in order to protect the remaining artifacts.

“The new museum currently exhibits around 65 percent of its inventory,” he said, particularly expressing his concern for valuable panels such as a mosaic of Oceanus and Tethys, which have not been damaged yet.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [May 04, 2015]


Near East: Ancient mosaics damaged during restoration in Turkey {Turkey}