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Near East: Illegal excavations damage ancient city
Historical artifacts have been damaged during illegal excavations in the ancient city of Hieropolis Kastabala in the southern Turkish region of Çukurova.

Illegal excavations damage ancient city
View of Hieropolis Kastabala [Credit: WikiCommons]

In Kastabala Hierapolis, which is located 12 kilometers away from the Osmaniye city center, someone taking photographs in the area saw May 13 that many historical artifacts were damaged.

Gendarmerie examinations revealed that an area measuring 50 square meters had been excavated with Caterpillars. Museums officials also reported that historical artifacts were damaged in the ancient city, which is home to columned streets, an amphitheater, basilica, church, bath remains and a fortress.

Excavations in the ancient city have been underway since 2009.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [May 15, 2015]


Near East: Illegal excavations damage ancient city {Turkey}