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Near East: Syrian authorities seize 6,000 looted antiquities
Syria’s state news agency quoted an archaeology official as saying that authorities have confiscated and reclaimed 6,000 looted antiquities trafficked by smugglers outside the country.

Syrian authorities seize 6,000 looted antiquities
Some artefacts retrieved from Lebanon 
[Credit: Credit: AFP/Joseph Eid]

The head of the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, Ahmad Deeb, said Friday that the materials include 69 antiquities and eight mosaics that were retrieved from Lebanon.

Thousands of antiquities have been looted or smuggled outside Syria since its crisis began in March 2011.

In December, UNESCO called on the United Nations to curb multi-billion dollar artifact trafficking from Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State group terrorists destroyed archaeological sites.

Deeb said Friday that authorities have closed some museums after taking antiquities to safe areas for fear they might be looted or destroyed.

Source: The Associated Press [May 09, 2015]