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Heritage: ‘Othello Tower’ in Cyprus reopens after restoration
The tower that consisted the fictional setting of Shakespeare’s play “Othello,” originally built by Lusignan conquerors in the 14th century in the medieval city of Famagusta in Cyprus, will be available to the public next month after undergoing emergency renovation in an effort to protect it from rainwater decay.

‘Othello Tower’ in Cyprus reopens after restoration
“This is part of our common heritage,” said Glafkos Constantinides, a member of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot cultural heritage technical committee, during a press preview on Wednesday and continued: “Our heritage comes from the past but also what we expect to build in the future.”

Greek and Turkish Cypriot politicians followed a tour at the renovated “Othello Tower” the same day after accepting the invitation of the Slovak Ambassador in Cyprus, Oksana Tomova, in the context of the Slovak Republic’s initiative “Dialogue for Peace.”

The restoration, that cost over 1 million euros, was carried out by the bicommunal technical committee, the European Commission and the United Nations Development Program Partnership for the Future (UNDP-PFF).

“Othello Tower” will be open to visitors in July 2 hosting a marvelous performance of the Shakespearean drama, in which young and talented Greek and Turkish Cypriot actors will take part.

Author: Katerina Papathanasiou | Source: Greek Reporter [June 16, 2015]

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Heritage: ‘Othello Tower’ in Cyprus reopens after restoration + Southern Europe