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Italy: Basilica at Pompeii to reopen for tourists
Visitors will be able to see the Basilica at Pompeii again on Thursday, after safety interventions were carried out on the building.

Basilica at Pompeii to reopen for tourists
The Basilica in Pompeii [Credit: Agneta Freccero]

The interventions mainly concerned the plaster and the Basilica's columns, which were starting to show cracks.

Walls and columns have been restored to their old form adding material in nearly invisible ways, as in the case of the access steps to the building which were restored using mortar lime.

The Basilica is one of the highlights of any visit to the popular archaeological site.

Built in the second half of the second century BC, it was used for the administration of justice as well as for trade negotiations.

The magnificent building has a rectangular plan with three aisles, a pitched roof supported by central columns and half columns from the top of the walls, where original decorations are still visible.

In the back of the Basilica is the court, which can be reached by wooden stairs.

Visitors will have access to the Basilica only through the side entrance of the building.

Source: AGI [July 29, 2015]

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Italy: Basilica at Pompeii to reopen for tourists + Southern Europe