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Meet my New Best Friend
This is me relaxing on the couch last night with an almost finished quilt...should have been a long time ago, but we all know already that i procrastinate. I was all cozied up so that i could use my new favorite sewing notion. I found this on spring break at a quilt shop up north. Meet my new best friend, Thread Heaven.

I already loved hand binding my quilts but now i love it even more. Thread Heaven keeps your thread from tangling and knotting up when you are sewing. It is amazing and makes such a difference. Your thread also moves a lot more smoothly through the fabric. If you can find it at a local shop i highly, highly recommend it.

Natalia at Piece and Quilt was asking what everyone's favorite, must have, notion was today....and this is mine for sure.

***For me, sitting with a quilt in my lap and taking the time to do some hand sewing is a peaceful thing. Not all may agree but i love is soothing. What is your peaceful moment, your real life moments? Go over to Deb's at Works in Progress and share what peaceful moment is for you.**
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Meet my New Best Friend + TIME