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Sewing slump!
For the past few weeks I have not really felt like sewing. I don't know if it is because I have been sick, or just maybe I needed a break from sewing, or maybe I have been spending too much time online, or maybe a combination of all. It is frustrating me so very much. I am going to try making myself and my children some things since it has been awhile since I have. I'm hoping this will help to get me excited about sewing again. Not that sewing is not exciting, one minute you have a piece of fabric and then you cut it, sew it, and you have something cool and useful. So my next few posts will probably be about what I have been creating for myself or my children. So last night I made myself a skirt, it turned out really cool I think. This fabric came from a bedspread that I bought at Urban Outfitters in the clearance section for $5 and the trim on the bottom was thrifted. Maybe this sewing for myself thing will get me out of this slump!

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Sewing slump! + TIME