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The New York City Heavy Music Coallition
©On Saturday, June 18, 2011, history was written at Webster Hall (The Ritz) at the No Remission "Through Blackened Skies" record release show. When we arrived at the venue at 4 o'clock to conduct interviews for an upcoming DVD that showcases the state of the New York City Heavy Music scene, the sun was shining and everyone was really pumped about this very special night for the entire community. After chatting with some of the bands and with some key figures from the scene, it was time for Left In Ruins to do what they do best: deliver a crushing display of brutal Metal filled of very technical guitar parts and positive energy!
After grabbing a few beers and greeting the crowd, the surprise of the night took center stage. Arcane Malevolence performed a highly energetic set and got the pit initiated for the storm that was about to unravel at Webster Hall. After a few minutes of peace inside the pit, Alekhine's Gun melted everyone's faces with their furious flavor of Heavy Metal! Goddamn, these guys are getting good and sounding tighter and tighter. The sense of unity that this band possesses is a message that is transmitted to the pit army that stands strong whenever they step on a stage.
Closing this historical night was No Remission who presented New York City with their brand new album titled "Through Blackened Skies" (Click to read our album review), we had personally seen this band live and they impressed the hell out of our ears. The band not only possesses great stage presence and highly technical songs, but they play each song with balls and make the pit army lose their minds!
At the end of the night the dance floor had a lot of blood, sweat and tears, and a lot of happy people! What is going in New York City right now with Heavy Music is blood rushing and extremely exciting. We can't wait to see the DVD which will include every bands performance and plenty of interviews! Stay tuned horns up throwers!
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The New York City Heavy Music Coallition + webster hall