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The Eco Project in Emirates
Artificial island

Artificial Island (United Arab Emirates)

Architect Alexander Krasinski has presented materials of the project of artificial island in Persian gulf (United Arab Emirates), developed for the purpose of creation of the alternative agglomeration, capable to solve a problem, actual for the given region for today.

Futuristic Island in Persian Gulf

The architectural conception of the futuristic green project is inseparable from a solution of a problem of globalization of influence of the person on environment, and also rising of sea level and taxes.
Differently, on this urbanistic island it's possible to create the whole new state with powerful Eco-system, own the legislation and an advanced policy of economic structure.

Architectural conception
Futuristic island
Urbanistic island
Architectural project
Futuristic project

The Futuristic Eco-project

The futuristic island is located in territory of ocean and has internal seaport and the airport in immediate proximity from a Eco-zone with areas of smart ecology.
Also, the original architectural project provides ultra-modern office, administrative, governmental and academic centers, comfortable inhabited apartments, territory for walks, rest, sports.

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The Eco Project in Emirates + United Arab Emirates