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The Neptune is amazing
Today it was like the battle of the sewing machines!!! My QF(quilting friend) brought along her machine(Bette) so that we could sew at the same time to work on our project. With the girls, aka the sewing machines, running full tilt we managed to get all our blocks pieced. I am really liking how different the tops are working up to be.
Here are some of her blocks!!! Aren't they pretty. The Neptune is amazing. Everything was going along just great until we reached the end and laid out the quilts. Do you see it? That gap on the right?
That is where the block, not in the instructions, goes. The pattern is so fun and has been easy to follow, but we were regularly reminded to cut carefully so that we would waste nothing because it was going to be close. And because of that...we are short a block, with nothing big enough to spare. The pattern asked us to cut 30 pieces but it should have been 36 meaning the pattern numbers and picture don't jive. UGH!!!! It was not frustrating until now. I happened to have some variety of neptune yardage that i gave to QF to use so she was saved, but i am really hesitant to cut into the second jelly roll i have of this fabric. I don't want to use some fabric that i might need for another pattern. What would you do?
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The Neptune is amazing + pattern