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The French Country Style

Kitchen Room

French Provencal Style

Design of a kitchen room in the French style — the fine decision for the romantic ladies. This tendency takes a predominating place among all fashionable trends of interiors, thanks to the grace and unique charm.

The Kitchen Tendencies

Provencal style is a reflection of an aesthetics of the south of France. The 1st in such design — a whitewash. Bleached ceilings and walls — some kind of the standard of Provencal style.

Provencal Style

Provencal style welcomes all home decoration with olden time touch. The new kitchen furniture can be made old a little: small cracks, scratches will give it charm.

Do not forget about the furnace! A decorative mantelpiece — an important component part in Provencal style of kitchen room. Do not forget about jugs, vessels and small vases with artificial or natural flowers.

The Kitchen Furniture

Furniture for Kitchen

Besides it, in antique shops you can find set of original additions which will give to your interior the finished sort. Also it's necessary to give great attention to a choice of blinds and curtains.

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The French Country Style + TIME