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The Italian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers
Italian Ceramic Tiles

Confindustria Ceramica

Confindustria Ceramica — the Italian Association of Ceramic Tile Manufacturers - has appointed us with the promotion of an integrated campaign aimed at enhancing the global perception of "Italian Ceramic Tiles".

The project originates out of the need to redefine the product positioning, reviving its role as a main component in design, life style, fashion, new housing styles, and with a view to extending the industry targets by involving ever more competitive, creative consumers, who are strongly fascinated by trendy products.

The Italian Ceramics means Infinite Creativity

The campaign strategy and concept have been identified from the unique product plus: ceramics is basically the only type of tile with which a practically infinite range of shapes, colours, and solutions is possible. Following a target audit phase, in which an opinion poll and one-to-one interviews have been conducted, the campaign has further developed through an integrated project guided by PR actions and implemented in different communication channels: off-line advertising, events, TV, web communication, web portal.

Several actions have been carried out over a period of about one year with appearances on TV channels, newspapers and magazines (editorials, web, TV, events) for a total of approximately 114 million contacts.

Confindustria Ceramica is the Italian Association of Ceramic Tile and Sanitary Appliance Manufacturers — in charge of promoting Italian ceramic products both in Italy and abroad. In the past few years, ceramics has lost appeal versus its competitors: i.e. wood, stone, or resin tiles, deemed to be more prestigious and "trendy". Ceramics is considered to be a "poor", "cold", "uncool" products, suitable only for some specific settings (e.g., kitchens and bathrooms).

Italy Has Always Been the Most Important Producer of Ceramic Tiles In the World

The campaign aims to revamp ceramics as a creative, prestigious, and trendy solution. Ceramics has the right "credentials" to play a leading role in design, fashion, new life styles and architectural design: from all rooms in the house, to large buildings and public spaces.

There are two main reference targets: namely "insiders" (architects, designers, interior designers) and an increasingly larger group of "consum-actors", who are creative, motivated, well informed and who want to play a leading role in creating their own world.

In order to define the target’s needs: opinion poll by Eurisko and one-to-one interviews to some selected influencers.

The Innovations Developed by Ceramics Manufacturers:

The campaign strategy and concept have been identified from the unique plus that distinguishes ceramics from all its competitive products: thanks to a major product innovation developed by ceramics manufacturers, ceramics is the only type of tile with which a practically infinite range of shapes, colours, sizes, decorations, and finishings is possible.

For this reason, ceramics is "Infinite Creativity", and it perfectly meets the needs of Consum-actors, who favour solutions that allow them to pursue an exclusive and personal style. Ceramic tiles and consum-actors are the perfect match.

Unlike previous industry campaigns that were somehow self-referencing — our product is beauty and technology, — this campaign focuses on consumers (and industry experts) by fuelling their desire to play a leading role, while suggesting them that ceramics is the right product to fulfil it.

The campaign has been implemented along two complementary planes: a PR action, aimed at prompting rational purchase motivations (brain), as well as a whole set of integrated strongly emotional actions with a view to consolidating the new product positioning: ceramics as a creative choice (heart).

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