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Unique Cultural Center [Ávila, Spain]

Unique center

The Unique Cultural Center

In Ávila (Spain) are opening a new cultural center Centro Niemeyer constructed under the project of well-known Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

Oscar Niemeyer Presents...

The spiral staircase begins outside, at ground level, then deduces in premises and further into the attic hall. The unique design is only a part of the future complex, the project is in expectation of the gradual grandiose realization.

Centro Niemeyer
Spiral staircase
Unusual design

Organizers hope that the unusual object will represent itself as a magnet for the best samples of world culture, planning development of talents, knowledge and various niches of creative activity.

Except art showrooms and speech auditorium, in Centro Niemeyer are provided: the cinema hall, rehearsal rooms, conference halls and public zones. The author's plan — the centre opens doors into culture in all its directions, forms, traditions and styles: music, theater, cinema, exhibitions in the open air, live conferences and various educational programs.

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Unique Cultural Center [Ávila, Spain] + unique